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Innovation in the space industry has led to exponential data growth. However, complexity persists in midstream operations, which remain siloed and fragmented. Companies still build complex software systems from scratch, leading to high costs, lack of standardization, disconnected architectures, and manual data handling.

Tilebox provides the first integrated platform purpose-built to optimize midstream operations for space companies. Our solution revolutionizes data infrastructure, optimizes resource efficiency and eliminates complex workflows, prohibitive costs, and time-consuming integrations.

Why Tilebox

Before Tilebox vs. with Tilebox

Before Tilebox

Missed Revenue Opportunities

Complex integrations and limited customer data access delay revenue generation.

With Tilebox

Accelerated Monetization

Speed up progress and facilitate adoption granting customers easy and immediate access to insights.

Before Tilebox

Resource-Intensive Development

Building and maintaining non-core in-house software solutions consumes valuable time and resources.

With Tilebox

Streamlined Development

Optimize your resources and quickly deploy a platform that keeps you focused on core business and empowers developers.

Before Tilebox

Growing Challenges

Inefficient solutions result in increased costs, and issues scaling from single satellites to full constellations.

With Tilebox

Unified and Scalable

A single, flexible platform, allowing effortless scaling from individual satellites to full constellations.

Before Tilebox

Operational Blind Spots

Inadequate visibility into operational issues that leads to prolonged downtime.

With Tilebox

Real-time Insights

Monitoring mission-critical operations, enabling quick issue identification and resolution.

Discover our Features

A Single Platform for Immediate Deployment

Unified Data Access

Standard APIs and libraries to immediately access telemetry, metadata, and payload data from any system or location. Ensure seamless data access and management from commissioning to post-launch operations.

Integration Services

Frictionless integration to upstream space service providers and downstream applications. Leverage complex AI/ML algorithms as plugins to extract deeper insights from your satellite data. No re-implementation needed.

Infrastructure Management

Automated deployment, scaling, load balancing, and optimization across multi-cloud or on-prem environments. Say goodbye to expensive infrastructure and complicated deployments.

Data Processing

Simplified data pipelines and workflows leveraging parallelization, distribution, and soon in-orbit computing.

Operational Monitoring

Real-time telemetry tracking, anomaly detection and alerting.

User Experience

Role-based access control, usage analytics, collaborative notebooks, and clear documentation.

Dedicated Support

Technical account management, operational reviews, architecture guidance, and 24x7 mission-critical support.

Quick Onboarding

Frictionless onboarding in just 30 minutes! Sample code, good documentation and data access from interactive notebooks.

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