Pricing that Scales with You

Our Plans are Designed to be Flexible, Scalable and Cost-Efficient

Usage-based Model

At Tilebox, we believe in flexibility and cost-efficiency.  Our pricing plans are carefully built to scale with your business, ensuring you pay only for the infrastructure and services you actually use, while getting the most value out of our platform. Gain full control over your costs and the flexibility to adapt as your requirements evolve and your needs grow.

Platform Access

Gain access to our comprehensive midstream platform, featuring a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Unified APIs

  • Streamlined data processing

  • Infrastructure management

  • Telemetry monitoring & alerting

  • Usage analytics

  • Access controls

  • Automatic software updates for public cloud deployment

Included Support

We've got your back! Tilebox comes with dedicated support, ensuring you receive technical account management, onboarding assistance, and architecture guidance.

Customizable Options

No two space missions are alike. Contact us and receive customized quotes based on your mission’s characteristics, service level requirements, and more.

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