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Tilebox Raises $1.7m Pre-Seed Round

August 1, 2023


Tilebox, the first integrated midstream platform for the space industry, announces the successful close of its pre-seed round, raising $1.7 million.  The round was led by tech investors including Cocoa Ventures, Possible Ventures, Remote First Capital, along with Space Angels such as Findus Ventures or Luis Sanz, CEO of CARTO.

As the space industry experiences exponential growth, with over $500 billion in projected revenue by 2030-2040, effectively managing and leveraging data has become mission critical. Tilebox's vision is to transform the way space companies handle their valuable data. With its state-of-the-art software and infrastructure systems, Tilebox provides a powerful, reliable, and scalable solution that enables space companies to develop their in-house data pipelines more efficiently and effectively than currently possible. By eliminating friction between teams and the costly maintenance of suboptimal solutions, Tilebox empowers organizations to maximize the value of their space assets.

Carmen Alfonso, Partner at Cocoa Ventures, recognizes the game-changing potential of this startup: "Tilebox has identified an unmet need and an opportunity to radically improve how companies manage space data. The fact that they have attracted customers, even at this early stage, is a testament to the pressing need for comprehensive space data management solutions. With their deep technical expertise and commitment to innovation, Laura and Stefan are best positioned to transform a fast growing industry".

Tilebox's vision is to empower businesses to maximize their satellites to build products that benefit society. At the core of Tilebox's solution are flexible and high-performance data processing capabilities, integrations with downstream services like analytics tools and marketplaces, and interfaces upstream towards space service providers. This empowers space companies to streamline their in-house data pipelines, leading to improved efficiency and reaching the full potential of their missions.

Stefan Amberger, co-founder of Tilebox, emphasizes the company's role as a catalyst for change: "In an industry where good software and infrastructure is critical and midstream software is underserved, Tilebox stands out. We provide reliable and cost-efficient software tools for space companies to implement their data pipelines, enhancing efficiency, keeping development speed up and maintenance costs down, and enabling readiness for technologies like AI, all with a strong focus on security”

Wolfgang Ebner from ISEE, a Tilebox customer, emphasizes the impact: “Tilebox provided us an edge in managing our satellite data right off the bat. This platform offered immediate visualization capabilities, transforming raw data into discernible insights from the very first day!"

Daria Stepanova, CEO at Airmo, emphasizes the impact: "With Tilebox as an early partner,  we will have an optimized data management solution ready on day one, so we can focus on our core business goals and get to market rapidly”.

Co-founder Laura Costa explains Tilebox's vision: “Our goal is to empower businesses to maximize their satellites to build products that benefit society. The raised funds will be utilized to expand the team, enhance platform capabilities, and further solidify Tilebox's position as the go-to solution for space data management on Earth and in-orbit”.

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