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Unlock Insights. Scale Seamlessly. Monetize Faster.

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Space Data

Unlock Insights. Scale Seamlessly. Monetize Faster.

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From Orbit to Insight with Tilebox

An Abstraction Framework for In-House Space Data Pipelines

Accelerate time-to-market while retaining full data and algorithm control

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From Capex to Opex

Save years of development time and resources on non-core software tasks by integrating Tilebox's use case and data agnostic solution. Eliminate the need for large maintenance teams and optimize in-house innovation leveraging Tilebox.

Optimize Costs

Process data in multiple locations as it is downlinked using cost-effective infrastructure, reducing processing costs and data movement. Experience high reliability (>99.9% uptime) for uninterrupted performance.

Accelerate Revenue

Unlock the full potential of your satellites, from pre-launch to full constellation, and boost revenue generation by leveraging Tilebox's managed datasets and high-performance APIs. Seamlessly grant your clients instant access to valuable insights, accelerating monetization of your data.

Total Visibility

Take full control over your space mission's data with Tilebox's dedicated enterprise deployments within your chosen region. Benefit from real-time telemetry monitoring and centralized authorization for prompt alerts and faster issue resolution, minimizing downtime.

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How Tilebox Works

Unleash the Robots

Built by developers for developers. Improve productivity with Tilebox.

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Streamlined Data Access

Instantly access algorithm development, raw data, and results in your preferred environment using our high-performance APIs and well-documented resources. Work smarter, build faster.

Effortless Production Rollout

Transition from batch to near-real-time processing without complex paradigm shift with Tilebox, ensuring a seamless execution. Spend time building, not battling.

Unrivaled Observability

Stay updated on your satellites and pipelines with aggregated logs, metrics, and traces. Soon, alerting integrations will further enhance real-time awareness of on-board events and pipelines.

The Ultimate Workflow Orchestrator

Built for developers, optimized for Space Data. You wouldn’t open your *.docx files in an XML editor. Work with your space data the way it is meant to be.

import os
from datetime import datetime

from custom_tilebox_client import Client

# Securely access your data for development or in production

token = os.getenv('TILEBOX_API_KEY')

client = Client(default_data_source='FLIGHTMODEL_ID')

# Access attitude determination and control data

adcs = client.telemetry_adcs()
meta = adcs.get_metadata()

adcs.get_in_range(start, end)

# Access and quickly visualize data of your specific datasets

rad = client.radargram()
meta = rad.get_metadata()


radar_event = rad.get_event(event_id)

psd = rad.calculate_psd(radar_event)


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"With Tilebox as an early partner we will have an optimized data management solution ready on day one, so we can focus on our core business goals and get to market rapidly".
Daria Stepanova
CEO Airmo
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"We chose Tilebox for its scalability and security, and we were impressed by its processing capabilities and cost-effectiveness. We will continue using Tilebox for our follow-up satellites and full constellation".
Christian Federspiel
CEO Findus Ventures
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"Tilebox provided us an edge in managing our satellite data right off the bat. This platform offered immediate visualization capabilities, transforming raw data into discernible insights from the very first day!"
Wolfgang Ebner
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"Tilebox allowed us to process millions of signals in near-real time, and the platform’s quick 30 minute onboarding process made it easy for our new users to get up and running".
Gernot Grömer
Director Austrian Space Forum

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